This Simple Algae-Powered Purifier Cleans Your Air, Naturally

Ty Emerald
By Ty Emerald
AiReactor with custom packaging. All photos courtesy of Ecologic Studio

Algae: the unsung hero of our breathable air. Now, imagine harnessing this natural purifier right in your own home. Meet the AIReactor by EcoLogicStudio – a sleek, three-foot-tall design marvel with a powerful secret. Inside its recycled birch plywood frame lies a vibrant green bioreactor, teeming with microalgae cultures.

Nature’s Magic, Upgraded

Like their ocean-dwelling cousins, these algae perform photosynthesis, transforming carbon dioxide and pollutants into clean oxygen. The AIReactor mimics natural currents, optimizing algae growth and filtration for maximum air-cleaning power.

Harvesting algae from the AiReactor.

“In addition to capturing pollutants, the microalgae cultivated in AIReactor can be harvested and utilized to produce biopolymers for 3D printing products,” explains EcoLogicStudio.

Easy access to algae cultivation.
Algae in the AiReactor.

From Air Cleaner to Design Piece

The AIReactor goes beyond purification. Its algae become a resource, transformed into biopolymers – natural, plant-based materials. This opens a world of possibilities, as showcased in the innovative PhotoSynthetica collection. Alongside the purifier itself, this lineup features a stool and ring crafted from air-cleaning algae biomass.

Technical drawings of the AiReactor prototype.

Sustainability, Full Circle

“Building on their 2018 research project, the PhotoSynthetica collection incorporates biomass, a waste material harvested from microalgae, into a series of everyday objects.” This isn’t just filtration – it’s a full cycle of sustainable design.

See It In Action

Witness this breakthrough for yourself at the Isola Design Festival 2024 during Milan Design Week (15-21 April).

Designer: ecoLogicStudio

ecoLogicStudio is an architecture and design firm specialized in biotechnology for the built environment.

Co-founded in London in 2005 by Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto, the studio has built a unique portfolio of biophilic sculptures, living architectures and blue-green masterplans.

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