About Us

We write only truth, backed by facts and supported by science. We cannot be bought. We are unbiased and will always remain so.

Welcome to Dakoa

We Are Truth, Always

It is our mission to expose greenwashing regardless of the company, size or scope. We are unbiased and cannot be bought.

– The Dakoa Team

Our Journey


A group of experienced individuals met in an online forum while discussing various greenwashing, including popular products marketed heavily on Instagram to take advantage of environmentally conscious consumers. The group represented expertise across all related fields and shared a collective frustration at the green lies being told by profiteers large and small.


The COVID-19 pandemic had nearly all, but one, of the newfound group of friends working remotely. They shared the common lies and marketing gimmicks their employers were using to con the masses into purchasing eco-damaging things like bamboo sheets, green living subscriptions, etc. In viewing marketing content and so-called reviews on YouTube for these products (and many more just like them) the group decided it was time to get involved.


The idea for Dakoa was launched. In order to protect their employment statuses as the project grows, the individuals involved selected to take on avatars in the form of nom de plumes. Dakoa is upfront, direct and entirely transparent about the use of these online identities designed to protect each contributor. Our authors are not hiding behind false identities – they are using them to maintain their jobs and livelihood for the time being. Not surprisingly, our authors do not look like cartoon characters in real life.


Slowly but consistently, the team behind Dakoa.com has worked in their free time to research, create, and publish articles that identify greenwashing tactics as well as a few helpful pieces for gardening, pet care, and even creating a side hustle.


With nearly 400 articles, including a small handful that appear at the top of Google searches, Dakoa is now proudly an official Google News site, six months sooner than originally anticipated.

Our Contributors

As people who work in the very industry we are covering, we must write under aliases. But we tried to have fun with it!

Olivia Salvatore

Olivia Salvatore is the nom de plume for a hardworking individual with a background in nutrition, green living, animal care and has worked in veterinary offices and agriculture.

Nick Terran

The individual using the moniker Nick Terran has a background in agricultural and green technologies including energy, livestock, related SaaS and biomedical research.

Ty Emerald

Using the fabricated identity of Ty Emerald, this Dakoa contributor avoids persecution from his Fortune 100 employer of 20 years. Ty specializes in plants, greenhouses, and data analysis.

Peyton Plankton

A true eco-warrior and savage environmentalist, the individual behind the Paulette mask believes in practical eco-responsibility and green living and detests greenwashing and eco lies in all forms.

Mark Landers

An infrequent guest contributor with a strong scientific background (and impressive education) relating to biological sciences, plant genetics, and propagation. Expect well-researched content.

Sandy Rivers

Our resident soil expert with an advanced degree in geology. The individual behind this persona has been working for the same multinational conglomerate for over ten years.