Seed-Embedded Orange and Aloe Vera Toilet Paper Transforms Waste into Wilderness

Nick Terran
By Nick Terran

In the quest for more eco-friendly lifestyles, a rather unusual but noteworthy concept has emerged from the mind of Aviva Revivi, an industrial design student at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. She introduces us to O-SOW, a biodegradable toilet paper that’s embedded with plant seeds. This innovation isn’t just about reducing waste; it’s about contributing positively to the environment.

During a hiking trip in the Israeli desert, Revivi encountered a persistent issue that many outdoor enthusiasts face: traces of toilet paper left in the wilderness, a sight both unsightly and environmentally damaging. This experience sparked an idea in Revivi to create a product that not only addresses the need for biodegradability in such products but also promotes the growth of plants.

To prevent any misunderstanding or confusion moving forward, you should know that this sustainable product design has a specific demographic – campers and outdoor enthusiasts. Revivi isn’t suggesting that you cast aside your Charmin or Angel Soft for her green wipes!

O-SOW is crafted from a blend of orange and aloe vera leaves, materials chosen for their inherent properties; orange for its flexibility and aloe vera for its softness. What sets this product apart is its capacity to decompose rapidly, thanks to the quick-dissolving nature of the orange content, which also works in tandem with E.coli bacteria found in human waste to accelerate the process.

Revivi explains, “Since we are talking about an orange slice, it can easily dissolve in moisture and liquids. Animals eat it, and it decomposes in the ground and even on a sidewalk on the street.”

The product ingeniously incorporates seeds of various plants such as mint, peony, rose, parsley, and cress. These seeds, combined with nutrient-rich human waste, facilitate natural seeding—a sustainable cycle initiated through its use. 

Revivi’s vision extends to customizing the seed mix to match the vegetation of popular trekking areas, enhancing the ecological benefit of the product.

Not only is the concept behind O-SOW innovative, but so is its packaging.

Each packet of this toilet paper contains a mix of seeds tailored to different ecosystems, allowing travelers to choose according to their destination. The packaging itself is made from biodegradable paper, complete with a tear thread for easy opening.

It also specifies the type of seed and the number of sheets enclosed. For added convenience, Revivi designed a case from leftover parachute fabric to store unused sheets, demonstrating a thoughtful approach to reducing waste.

The shape of O-SOW’s sheets, round and suitable for all hand sizes, reflects Revivi’s commitment to functionality and inclusivity. This design choice shows the dual objectives of the product: to provide a practical solution for outdoor hygiene and to support environmental sustainability.

While the concept of O-SOW presents a novel approach to addressing waste and promoting plant growth, it’s certainly a closely niche-related product. 

Of course, when you add up recreational campers, eco-enthusiasts, and hunters we’re looking at a $689 billion dollar market!

In essence, O-SOW represents a bold step towards reimagining how everyday products can be re-engineered to the principles of environmental stewardship while tapping into a large, and growing, underserved market of activist buyers.

Meet The Designer: Avia Revivi

Avia is an industrial design student with a focus on sustainability at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

“All art is inspired by nature.”

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