Plant-Based Leather Lighting Casts Shine On Design Sustainability

Ty Emerald
By Ty Emerald

Finding beautiful lighting is easy, but discovering pieces that are both stylish and eco-conscious? That’s a challenge. Spanish designer Ceci Ferrero and the handmade decor brand Let’s Pause have the answer with their stunning Couro collection.

Leather from Leaves? The Couro Difference

Forget animal hides. These distinctive pendants are crafted from “couro” – an innovative, leather-like material made from dried leaves of American palm trees. This gives the lamps a unique translucence, casting a soft, ethereal glow in any space.

Nature-Inspired, Design-Led

The Couro 8 Leafs lampshade is a true showstopper. Imagine preserved leaves artfully draped like an elegant, spiky skirt, creating a mesmerizing artichoke effect. “The texture of the leaves, with their compact fibers, evokes aged leather and provides a unique tactile element,” says Let’s Pause.

Style and Sustainability Shine

Ideal for dining areas, hotel lobbies, or anywhere that needs a touch of personality, these pendants work magic solo or in clusters. They blend a natural, wild aesthetic with refined design, fitting seamlessly into diverse interior styles.

The pendants are designed to be adaptable; they can be hung individually or in groups at different heights, allowing for customization according to the space and the desired visual effect. The organic texture of the leaves, likened to aged leather, adds a tactile dimension to the design, supported by a durable brown aluminum frame, a black plug, and complemented by a matte black cotton electric cord that extends a little over 8 feet, ensuring practicality alongside style.

The Bottom Line

The Couro collection proves sustainability doesn’t mean sacrificing looks. It’s a win-win – gorgeous lighting with an eco-friendly heart.

This collection also addresses the potential of sustainable materials in creating products that don’t compromise on design or functionality. It proves that designers can innovate to reduce environmental impact while still appealing to modern aesthetics and consumer demands.

Meet The Designer: Ceci Ferrero

A decorative light studio based in Spain, Ceci Ferrero specializes in upcycling old, waste fabrics and transforming them into unique and eye-catching lamps.

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