The Best Foods to Have on Hand During a Sugar Detox

Peyton Plankton
By Peyton Plankton

One of the hardest things about a sugar detox (besides actually doing it), is figuring out the right foods to eat.

These days it seems like almost everything has added sugar of some sort, even the foods you wouldn’t expect – salsa, yogurt, and those “healthy” granola bars.

For this reason, beginning a sugar detox can be completely overwhelming if you don’t have a go-to list of foods in your arsenal. To get you started on the right path, here are some of the best foods to have on hand during your sugar detox to help you stay on track.

1. Fresh Fruit

When you’re in the middle of a sugar detox, you’re going to experience those cravings that make you want to reach for the first sweet treat you can find.

This is where fruit comes in handy, and it can be a lifesaver during those tough moments.

Fruit gives you that sweet taste you’re looking for, but without all the refined, unhealthy sugar added to it. It’s impossible to get bored with the huge selection of fruit at your fingertips – oranges, apples, bananas, watermelon, kiwi, strawberries, and so many more.

Be sure to stock your fridge ahead of time, so you have something to feed your sweet tooth.

2. Eggs

Packed full of protein, eggs are one of the best foods to have nearby during your sugar detox.

Starting your day with a high protein breakfast like eggs will help you feel full for a longer period of time and reduce those hunger pangs and pesky cravings.

You can keep it simple and make scrambled or hard-boiled eggs. You can also chop up some spinach, peppers, and/or onion and mix it in to give your eggs some added flavor.

There are a ton of recipes on Pinterest to keep you from getting bored.

3. Vegetables

You can’t go wrong having a large selection of veggies on hand for meals and snacks during your detox.

Carrots, zucchini, broccoli, onions, cucumber, sweet potatoes, spinach and asparagus. 

The list goes on because veggies are great, and I love them.

You can add them to salads, sauté them on the stove, or simply have them as a snack with your favorite hummus (not the new sugary dessert varieties).

Incorporating more veggies into your diet is important during your sugar detox, but also as a good rule of thumb for meal planning in general.

4. Raw Nuts & Seeds

You’ll need to stock up on healthy fats during your sugar detox. Raw nuts and seeds like almonds, pecans, cashews, flax seeds, sunflower seeds are all great for moments when you just need a snack.

Instead of that bowl of ice cream, opt for a handful of almonds or sunflower seeds to tide you over. Nut butters like cashew and almond butter are also good to have for dips, dressings, and extra flavor for your smoothie.

5. Lean Meats & Fish

Another way to get your protein fix is to stock up on lean meat and fish. This includes pork, salmon, tilapia, and poultry.

Like eggs, these foods suppress cravings and help reduce your hunger AND the temptation to reach for a sugary treat or two.

Add some chicken to your salad or grill some salmon and veggies for a highly nutritious, sugar-free meal.

These are just a few of the go-to foods you should have on hand when starting your sugar detox. As you begin incorporating these into your diet, you’ll start forming habits that will benefit your lifestyle and your health. 

Remember, your only goal during this time is to avoid sugar. Meaning you can eat anything else, in any quantity, to keep yourself away from sugar.

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