10 Day Healthy & Exotic Meat Challenge

Olivia Salvatore
By Olivia Salvatore

Some of you may have read the article about my weight loss journey (My Journey Losing 250 Pounds Without Surgery Or A Prescription And What I Eat Each Day) and the foods that I ate to lose my weight and eat now to maintain it.

For the most part, I eat mainly boneless skinless chicken breast and fish as my main protein source. As we all know, that can get pretty boring over time.

I was talking to a very close friend about wanting to try some different healthy meats to vary my protein for a little bit, and he came up with a great solution for me to try. He sent me a variety box of healthy and exotic meats.

The box contained Alligator Tenderloins, Elk Steaks, a Bison Chuck Roast, a package of ground Kangaroo and two Lamb Shanks.

I decided to use this wonderful gift and create a challenge to use the different meats for healthy meals and also recipes to use any leftovers up too. No food waste!

I decided to call this challenge the 10-Day Healthy and Exotic Meat Challenge.

I haven’t used most of these proteins before so, most were new to me, but that’s part of the fun (and the challenge)!

Variety is valuable when you’re committed to a long-term weight loss and healthy lifestyle. Chicken does get boring. I’m going to post my recipes using these different proteins right here. 

Hopefully you’ll see a few that interest you and can work into your own meal plans. Enjoy the variety we all crave! So let’s get this challenge started, are you coming along?

10-Day Healthy and Exotic Meat Challenge

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